In 2020, ransomware demanded an average of $ 4.6 million from medical companies

In their annual Data Security Incident Response Report, experts from the American law firm BakerHostetler talked about the ransomware incidents last year.

The healthcare industry was one of the most affected industries by ransomware attacks, second only to education. On average, cyber criminals demanded a ransom of $ 4,583,090.

“In 2019, the number of ransomware increased dramatically, and the main tactic of their operators was to encrypt as many devices as possible on the victim’s network. Then, at the end of 2019, the Maze group changed tactics and began to steal data before encrypting it, ”the experts noted.

This put additional pressure on companies, forcing victims to pay the ransom even after data was restored using backups.

At a time when health care resources were depleted by the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) pandemic, ransomware has wreaked havoc. While the US Department of Health and Human Services, the FBI and other security chiefs advise against paying the ransom, some organizations are following the criminals’ demands.

In healthcare, the average ransom was $ 910,335 in 2020. The buyback itself, however, is not the only cash cost issue companies have faced. According to experts, the average cost of analyzing systems by IT specialists was $ 58,963.

As the researchers noted, in every ransomware incident, one or more circumstances were present: a lack of hacking detection at the endpoints, an inefficient backup implementation, or an open remote desktop protocol.

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