2020 was a record year for the number of successful cyberattacks

2020 was a record year for the number of successful cyberattacks

The past year has been a record for the number of successful cyber attacks and ransomware incidents. 

According to a new annual report from CyberEdge, in 2020, 86% of organizations were attacked by cyber attacks, up from 81% a year earlier.

69% of organizations fell victim to successful ransomware attacks, while 57% of victims paid the ransom, but about half of them were unable to recover data (28%).

Another record last year was the shortage of IT personnel – 87% of organizations experienced it (versus 85% in 2019).

Cloud security usage has grown from 36% to 41% in just a year, according to the report. On average, the cybersecurity budget also grew (by 4%), but the number of organizations willing to spend more on protection fell for the first time in several years.

Among the most in-demand security technologies in 2021, experts call next-generation firewalls, solutions for protecting endpoints, applications and data, as well as platforms for identifying threats.

In addition, organizations are increasingly moving to new technologies such as SD-WAN (82%), zero trust network architectures (75%) and SASE (74%).

The weak links of the last year were mobile and IoT devices, as well as SCADA solutions – it turned out to be the most difficult to protect them.


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