Deepfakes can be a serious business security threat

Employees of the vast majority of businesses say the manipulation of online content and media such as deepfakes poses a serious security threat to their organization. 

This was reported by the VentureBeat resource.

Earlier in 2021, the FBI cyber division warned that deepfakes represent a serious new threat that can be used in all types of social engineering attacks, including those aimed at business.

Despite being aware of the dangers of deepfakes, almost half (46%) of respondents do not have a plan to deal with the growing threat, according to a survey conducted by Attestiv platform experts. More than 80% of respondents said the modified media posed a potential risk to their organization, although less than 30% said they have taken action to mitigate the impact of deepfake attacks.

They also asked respondents to consider a possible solution to a potential deepfake problem. When asked, “What can companies best do against altered digital content?” 48% of respondents answered that automatic detection and filtering solutions are the best protection. 38% of those surveyed believe that training employees to detect deepfakes is the best way to deal with the problem.

As Security Lab previously wrote, cybercriminals are increasingly sharing, developing and using deepfake technologies to bypass biometric protection, blackmail, identity theft, social engineering attacks, etc. an increase in deepfake services on the darknet.

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