Adware is still the big threat on Android

PC, Smartphone, Tablet … No matter what type of device we connect from, we will always see our security threatened. The cybercriminals contrive to get themselves Revenue from anything, including Android.

The popular OS, which is installed on millions of smartphones and tablets, is not free from the threat posed by cybercrime worldwide. In fact, on Android, we can find many types of malware capable of causing serious problems for users.

Now, which of all the available threats is the one that is most repeated in terminals with this system? the adware. It is still a big threat on Android, according to a report published by Avast.

So far in 2021, thus extending what has already been seen throughout 2020, adware continues to be the most important threat to smartphones and Tablets.

According to the Avast report, almost one in two threats detected this year was adware, with the second most detected being fake apps. The third most detected threat was banking Trojans.

Returning to the adware issue, the one that is spreading the most lately is from the ” HiddenAds ” family, which will infect our device with intrusive ads. Digging deeper into the report, Avast observed two types of aware main.

One of them is the traditional one, which includes apps for photos, games and lifestyles, which are very attractive to the user. The second is the classic ad fraud, which floods the ad terminal with malicious content

Beware of fake apps and banking Trojans

Although adware is still the main protagonist of threats on Android, the other two should not be left aside.

Downloading a Fake App can cause a user, unknowingly, to be expired and their personal data exposed, among other things. On the other hand, the Banking Trojan can cause a user’s bank details to be stolen, thus allowing the creator of the malware to enter the affected person’s bank account.

Ondrej David, Avast Mobile Threat Analyst, commented on this: – «Today, especially since the pandemic broke out, our smartphones and devices are our daily companions, and it can be a real nuisance or even a serious security risk if a phone and the data on it are exposed to mobile malware.

Mobile malware, and adware in particular, often comes in the form of a game or entertainment application that seems harmless, but what users do not know is that their device is performing malicious activities in the background.

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