Grindr fined by Norwegian regulator for providing personal data

Norwegian privacy watchdog Datatilsynet has fined the popular dating app Grindr 6.3 million euros. Grindr is being fined for illegally providing user data to third parties.

Fine of 6.3 million euros

The dating app that is also widely used in the Netherlands by the LGBTQ+ community has been fined for trading users’ personal data.

The Norwegian regulator initially wanted to impose a fine of Norwegian kroner 100 million but has ultimately adjusted this to Norwegian krone 65 million. She reduced the fine because Grindr made changes to fix the flaws.

The company disagrees with the fine and has three weeks to appeal the regulator’s decision.

Sell ​​private data to third parties

The Norwegian consumer association Forbrukerradet conducted a major investigation into the privacy of popular apps last year. It found that 10 popular apps, including dating apps Grindr and Tinder, violated European privacy law by selling users’ private data.

The apps traded various user data including age, gender, location, IP address and interests. The consumer association indicated that the sexual preference was also forwarded to Grindr and Tinder.

The apps had stated this in their privacy terms, but users were not asked for permission. In addition, it was not possible to use the app when you turned off data trading. In short, according to the union, this was in violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Safe online dating

Dating apps are often under fire when it comes to privacy. People share a lot of personal information on such apps in order to find a partner that suits them. That is why it is extra important with these apps that this personal information is handled properly.

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