US Department of Justice equates investigations of ransomware attacks with investigations of terrorism

The US Department of Justice will equate investigations into ransomware cyberattacks with investigations of terrorism.

According to Reuters, internal guidelines sent out by the Justice Department to US Attorney General’s offices across the country say that local ransomware investigations should be centrally coordinated with a newly formed working group in Washington.

“This is a dedicated process to track all ransomware use cases, no matter where in the country, so you can connect the attackers and work to disrupt the entire chain,” said John Carlin, Chief Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Justice Department. John Carlin).

In practice, this means that ransomware attack investigators in the U.S. Attorney’s Office will have to share their investigation details and proactive technical information with senior officials in Washington.

According to the Justice Ministry leadership, prosecutors should consider and include other investigations focusing on the larger cybercrime ecosystem. The list of investigations that now require centralized notification includes criminal cases related to anti-virus services, illegal online forums/marketplaces, cryptocurrency exchanges, bulletproof hosting services, botnets and online money-laundering services.

“We want to really make sure that prosecutors and criminal investigators report and track … cryptocurrency exchanges, illegal online forums or marketplaces that sell hacking tools, network credentials and disable multipurpose botnets. “, – said Karlin.

Attacks using ransomware will be viewed as a threat to national security by the administration of US President Joe Biden.

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