80% of companies that pay ransomware are subject to repeated cyberattacks

According to the cybersecurity company Cybereason, 80% of businesses that fell victim to ransomware and paid ransomware were re-attacked.

The poll Cybereason researchers participated in 1263 a specialist in the field of cybersecurity, working for various companies in USA, UK, Spain, Germany, France, the UAE and Singapore.

According to them, almost half of the organizations affected by repeated attacks believe that these attacks are the work of hackers who attacked them the first time. Only 34% of those surveyed believe that other cybercriminals are behind the subsequent attacks.

Paying the ransom to the ransomware does not guarantee a return to normal operation. According to 46% of survey participants, having paid hackers, they really got their data back, but some of it was damaged. 25% of respondents reported that after the attack, their organizations were forced to close.

Although the number of organizations subjected to repeated ransomware attacks turned out to be higher than Cybereason had anticipated, it is quite natural. The reason for such a high percentage is that when businesses decide to pay the ransom, they only find a short-term solution.

However, by doing so, they also demonstrate their willingness to pay large sums to resolve the crisis. If the victim pays the extortionists, it is as if she is telling them: “We are ready to do business with you.” Therefore, hackers, without hesitation, attack it again, before the victim has time to improve their cybersecurity practices.

According to experts, cybercriminals have become more careful in selecting potential victims, and larger groups of cyber ransomware “hunt” large companies, targeting multinationals with targeted attack methods.


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