Experts named attack trends for 2022

Experts named attack trends for 2022

Lateral movements and deep fakes are the “new black” of cyberattacks. VMware publishes an annual report on trends in the modern Infobase. You have to fight back more often and longer.

American VMware researchers interviewed 125 security professionals and incident response experts. The report (PDF) for 2022 deals with trends in the world of modern security.

Key trends include the growing risks associated with deepfakes, container vulnerabilities, cloud computing, API Security , business email compromise, and ransomware attacks.

The ability of attackers to navigate networks, evade security guards and use these platforms to further infiltrate networks was noted by the majority of respondents.

Lateral movements are a new battlefield, the report says. They appeared in every fourth attack (25% of all intrusions).

Dual-use tools — system tools and legitimate software that attackers can use — grew 10 per cent.

The number of deepfake attacks increased by 13%. This is primarily about e-mail messages that imitate a sender familiar to the victim.

The day before, we wrote that scientists proposed to detect voice deepfakes using fluid dynamics.

Other trends include the rise of 0-day exploits. 62% of respondents faced such attacks. This is 11% more than last year.

23% of attacks compromise API security. The study showed that attackers are increasingly using APIs as well as SQL injections.

Almost 60% of respondents were attacked using ransomware in the last year. The problem of ransomware remains one of the most serious categories of threats.

Nearly 90% of those surveyed said they sometimes (50%) or very often (37%) countered the actions of cybercriminals.

According to VMware, 75% of respondents managed to repulse the attack using virtual patches (for example, a Web Application Firewall, WAF or similar) as an emergency tool.

The degree of burnout among information security specialists has decreased compared to last year but remains a serious problem. Nearly 70% of those who experience burnout symptoms are considering quitting, according to VMware.

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