Ireland suspects Russian hackers in attack on health service

Ireland suspects Russian hackers in attack on health service

Cybersecurity centre specialists, as well as the police, believe that the attack on the national health service (HSE) was carried out by the Wizard Spider hacker group, which is allegedly based in St. Petersburg, Irish TV channel RTE reports.

Reportedly, the Irish authorities have already contacted Russia. Russian Ambassador to the country Yuri Filatov condemned the cyberattack and offered the government assistance in investigating the case.

Sergei Lavrov was also informed about the cyberattack and promised to “investigate this issue.”

In addition, the Irish intelligence services are conducting a joint investigation with Europol, Interpol, the FBI and the UK National Crime Agency.

We will remind, the health care system of Ireland on May 14 was attacked by hackers, they demanded a ransom, but the country refused to pay.

The cybercriminals published the personal data of the first 12 patients online. The hackers demanded $ 20 million from the country. Previously it was reported that the files were published by the ContiLocker Team.

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