NCSC calls on organizations to remain alert to Log4j attacks

The National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) warns companies and organizations to remain alert to Log4j attacks during the holidays. The organization writes this in a news item. The police are also dedicating a message to the vulnerabilities in the Apache Log4j software. The service calls on companies and organizations to report an attack.

At the moment, the NCSC only sees small-scale abuse of the vulnerability in the software. However, the organization fears that the abuse will increase. Therefore, she again warns against attacks that may have a major impact. She also advises organizations to continue to prepare for such scenarios, even during the holidays.

The NCSC is closely following the developments surrounding the vulnerability in the Log4j software. The security advice has been adjusted several times in recent days. To help organizations maintain an overview, the NCSC has drawn up a schedule of mitigating measures and their effects. There is also a page on the NCSC website with the most recent security advice. In addition, the service has published an up-to-date overview of potentially vulnerable software solutions, detection rules and other mitigating measures on GitHub.

The NCSC has also developed a step-by-step plan. This can also be found on the website. This step-by-step plan is there to help organizations take measures to reduce the risk of abuse. According to the NCSC, the step-by-step plan also helps in preparing for possible abuse. In the news item, the service refers to these resources.

The cybercrime teams of the police are extra vigilant because of the vulnerabilities, the service writes on its website. The police are calling on companies and organizations to report attacks related to the vulnerabilities in Apache Log4j. According to the police, this is necessary for both the Dutch police and international partners. The declarations are “the puzzle pieces with which further investigation may be possible”.

The policy explains why it is important to file a report: “By collecting data from various attacks from the reports, such as user IP addresses and bitcoin data, the police gain insight into the working method behind the hacking attacks. This helps in the detection of criminals and contributes to disrupting the criminal process in the fight against, among other things, ransomware. The police also use information from those reports to prevent damage and victims now and in the future.”

Regional cybercrime teams and the Police High Tech Crime Team (THTC) are monitoring reports and reports of attacks that may have used the Log4j vulnerability. “Until now, the Dutch police have not received any reports of such attacks,” the police said.

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