Scientist warned about bots to manipulate people

Imagine that you are following a friend on social media. Scrolling through their feed, you come across an interesting publication, and, without noticing it, start a correspondence with your “friend” in private messages.

You communicate, put marks “Like” under each other’s posts, but suddenly the chat comes to an end – you will find out that the friend is not there, and his page on the social network is a fake. All private messages are generated by the GPT-3 natural language processing algorithm, the photos are generated by a generative adversarial network, and the video contains deepfake images.

How will you feel when you know that you have an emotional connection with a computer algorithm? What if this “person” was specially created to manipulate you and influence the decisions you make in monetary, political, and other matters?

Such a scenario is not as futuristic as it might seem, says Simon DeDeo, assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University and the Santa Fe Institute’s external faculty. According to the scientist, his worst dream is the use of GPT-3, a generative adversarial network and voice synthesizers to create synthetic “personalities” designed to exert psychological pressure on sensitive people.

When asked by Futurism how soon all of the above will become reality, DeDeo replied: “I think it has already happened.” However, the scientist is not worried about the deepfake videos that are flooding TikTok. The protagonist of DeDeo’s nightmares is GPT-3, capable of generating realistic speech.

“I can trick you without having to fake the video. And I’m not fooling you by misleading your visual system like deepfake videos do. I am deceiving you by fooling your rational system. I am deceiving you at a much higher level of your social cognition, ”the scientist said.

Clever algorithms like GPT-3 “let us know to what extent things that look like they have a brain don’t really have a brain,” Dedeo said. In other words, as machines learn to do more and more things, we need to think more often about what makes us different from others and makes us human.

You might think, “Well, this is a terrible dystopia when machines can write ad copy. Well, it may turn out that writing an advertising text is not what it means to be human, ”the scientist noted.

Social cognition is a complex, complex process of cognition of one person by another. One of the areas studied by social psychology, where the mechanisms of how a person processes, stores and uses information about other people and social situations are investigated.

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