The Ministry of Internal Affairs will launch a service to combat telephone scammers

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia have decided to fight telephone scammers with the help of an Anti-Fraud module. Service development will cost 44.9 million rubles.

The new service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be built into the department’s mobile application. This application will notify the user that they are being called from or receiving an SMS from a number that has previously committed illegal actions, and such a call can then be blocked.

In this case, a person may decide to still answer the call if the application has blocked it by mistake or for other reasons. To do this, you need to add the suspicious number to the white list.

At the same time, various cellular operators already have similar services. They notify the subscriber that a phone number with suspicious activity is calling him, and they can also identify advertising numbers.

According to the Bank of Russia, over the past year, mobile fraudsters stole about 9 billion rubles from Russians.

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