Chinese manufacturer’s “smart TV” spied on users

Chinese smart TV manufacturer Skyworth has been convicted of spying on users, writes Radio Free Asia.

Every 10 minutes the tv would scan the room in order to find other devices connected to the Wi-Fi network.

The spyware was discovered by the owners of Skyworth TVs. Researchers claim that for this purpose, special Gozen Data software is installed on the TVs. It collected IP addresses, MAC addresses and names of devices connected to Wi-Fi, and transmitted them to the platform.

Although the company itself claims that the data was used not for surveillance, but for targeted advertising, experts believe that the Android Smart TV operating system was specially repurposed by the Chinese government to monitor the homes of people in rural areas.

Skyworth said they are using the data collected solely for commercial purposes and not to spy on citizens. In addition, according to them, users are asked for consent to the processing of data.


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