Clop members publish new archive of stolen data despite arrests

Last week, Ukrainian law enforcement officials, together with specialists from the United States and South Korea, arrested members of the Clop cybercriminal group. 

However, as it turned out, this event did not prevent the ransomware from publishing a new archive of data, allegedly stolen as a result of a hack of a certain company, whose name was not disclosed. This was reported by the publication Ars Technica.

If the published data turns out to be true, then the operators of the Clop ransomware can still continue their criminal activities, despite the arrests. Presumably, the arrested members of the group were not leaders, but only partners or other persons playing a lesser role in the operations.

Published data are employee records, including proof of employment for loan applications and paperwork. Company representatives did not respond to a phone call from Ars Technica seeking comment. Clop members also did not respond to emails sent to the addresses listed on the group’s darknet site.

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