Colonial Pipeline Computer Systems Problem Again

On Tuesday, May 18, the computer systems of the American fuel giant Colonial Pipeline again malfunctioned.

In particular, the company’s customers could not access the system to place orders for fuel supplies through the pipeline, make changes to orders and track the status of the order in real-time. According to Bloomberg, the pipeline itself worked without interruptions, but in order to obtain information about the condition of the transported fuel, customers had to use an additional communication system.

“Without this system, it is very difficult to manually change the direction of the barrels. Let’s say there is a tense gas situation in Charlotte, and we can reroute barrels from Greensboro to Charlotte to help fill the market … If this is not done quickly, the barrels can go past Charlotte and continue on their way towards Greensboro, ” explained the senior vice -President of the energy company Mansfield Energy Andy Milton.

After Bloomberg reported a computer crash in the Colonial Pipeline, the price of gasoline futures in the New York market rose 1%. However, when it became clear that the outage was not causing delays in fuel supplies, prices returned to normal.

Colonial Pipeline explained that the computer crash was caused by the company’s actions to recover from a ransomware attack earlier this month.

“This morning, our internal server, which runs our fuel requisition system, experienced intermittent disruptions due to the measures we are taking to strengthen defences as part of the recovery process. These issues were not related to ransomware or any other type of re-infection, ” Colonial Pipeline said in a statement.

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