Criminals are posting more and more illegal footage on Telegram

Criminals are posting more and more illegal footage on Telegram

Since the corona pandemic, the Telegram chat service has increasingly been used by criminals to distribute illegal images such as sex videos and child pornography. The KPN security research team discovered this when they watched more than 100 channels of the popular chat service for 90 days.

KPN Security watched 106 channels for 90 days where a large amount of illegal content was offered.

In addition to shocking content that could previously only be found via the dark web, KPN Security also discovered a new form of Sextortion: dating sextortion. In this new form of extortion, criminals make an online sex appointment via Telegram. Then they film the victims without permission. These images are then distributed in various groups on Telegram. These groups sometimes have thousands of members.

Telegram is seen as a more secure alternative to WhatsApp and is therefore increasingly used. The popular chat service has an accessible character. According to KPN Security, this is the cause of the criminal activities on the chat service. It is also very easy for Telegram users to hide their identities. To create an account on Telegram, you only need to download the app and enter a phone number. This makes it difficult to trace cybercriminals.

Telegram threatens to become a low-threshold alternative to the dark web. That is the conclusion of KPN Security. Telegram also shares links to pages on the dark web with very shocking content. For example, pages are shared where there is human trafficking or (fake) murder videos.

KPN Security not only wants to warn curious users about traumatic images but also about the criminal nature of these groups. Via Telegram, the illegal content can be automatically downloaded onto a user’s device. You risk fines and prison sentences with this punishable content on your mobile phone.

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