Criminals extort clients of sex workers

Pointer’s research shows that since late last year, sex workers have been receiving messages from scammers offering money for customer phone numbers. Then the phone numbers are used to extort the customers. Threatened via WhatsApp to make contact with the sex worker public.

Buy phone numbers

The sex workers receive an offer of 300 euros for the transmission of a thousand telephone numbers. It seems that some sex workers have taken up this offer; There are already several known cases where clients of sex workers have been approached by the criminals.

The scammers threaten to come out with the information if an amount of 1,250 euros in crypto is not transferred. The scammers’ tactic is to send a lot of these kinds of messages and hope that a few in a panic will still pay.


Some victims have already reported the incident to the police. It is difficult to get a good idea of ​​the scale of the scams because people sometimes don’t report them because of shame.

The damage to victims is limited because the scammers only have phone numbers and do not seem to have any more personal information. In fact, this scam is a form of phishing, but because the perpetrators only have phone numbers, fewer people will bite.

If you receive such a message, it is wise to report it anyway and not to respond to the scammers.

Scams via false advertisements

Last month it turned out that people were being scammed through fake ads on Kinky and Sexjobs. For example, people were tempted to have webcam sex and then be extorted with the images. This type of scam is also known as sextortion. Because people don’t want the images to come out, they sometimes pay. Often people do not report this out of shame.

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