Due to DDoS attack, most of the IT network of the Belgian government was disabled

Much of the Belgian government’s IT network was shut down in a massive DDoS attack, rendering its internal systems and public sites inaccessible.

The attack affected the state-funded Internet service provider Belnet, which is used by government agencies, including parliament, educational institutions, ministries and research centres.

The incident affected the work of more than 200 organizations, in particular, the official portal for filing tax returns My Minfin and IT systems used by schools and universities for distance learning. The Belgian Ministry of Justice also reported malfunctions in its systems but did not provide any details.

The COVID-19 vaccine reservation portal hosted by Belnet was unavailable. Parliamentary and other government events were disrupted, for example, some meetings could not take place because they could not be broadcasted to remote participants.

As reported in the House of Representatives of Belgium, only the Finance Committee and the International Relations were able to hold one meeting, and that the rest had to be cancelled due to DDoS attacks.

Several Belgian politicians and political observers noted that the attack began around the same time that the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Belgian Parliament was to meet and hear testimony in one case.

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