Facebook users warn: Link to supposed sex video may prompt malware download

Facebook users reported being tagged by either their contacts or strangers in a post that contains a malicious link to a supposed adult video.

However, what appears to be adult video, viewers are then treated to a malware infection.

A software development manager stated that these malicious links are aimed at capturing private information from individuals that hackers might then use for illegal transactions.

To solve this tagging problem, users need to tighten their privacy.

How to solve this issue on Facebook

  • Open your Facebook account and go to settings.
  • After clicking the settings, go to the notifications settings.
  • Now, head to the “What Notifications You Receive”.
  • Then, click stages (Push Only). Lastly, go to “Get notifications when you are tagged by”
  • Select “Friends”

Facebook Asia Pacific has already turned down the malicious page while the Department of Justice has already made sanctions to its administrator’s.


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