Game developers have become a favorite target for hackers

CEOs of PC game companies are more likely to be attacked by cyber attacks than other employees.  

According to the report, Verizon’s data on investigations into leaks of 2020, the top management companies are 12 times more exposed to cyberattacks than others companies. In 71% of cases, attackers pursue financial gain – they either deploy ransomware on company networks or steal intellectual property for sale.

The specialists of the information security company BlackCloak studied 15 of the 20 largest developers of computer games in the world and also came to the conclusion that over the past year their management has become more often victims of hackers than other employees. According to the researchers, game makers are constantly targeted by cybercriminals, in part because they are not required to adhere to the same security requirements as other companies required to protect their customers’ data. For example, for a startup, security is not as high a priority as, say, for a hospital or bank.

Game makers are a favourite target for hackers also because the players themselves do not adhere to cyber hygiene and use the same passwords on different sites. Moreover, many gamers often hack games in order to gain an advantage over other players, and, inspired by their success, go further and attack the manufacturers themselves.

BlackCloak experts have identified several reasons why cybercriminals are more likely to target game executives. First, management passwords can be easily found on the darknet. For example, the passwords of executives of 83% of companies studied by researchers were found in plain text on the darknet, and 68% of them were bundled with email addresses. Second, 34% of executives use either the same passwords or slightly modified passwords for different accounts.


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