Phone House Spain hit by major ransomware attack

Phone House, a mobile phone store chain in Spain, has fallen victim to the Babuk ransomware.

Although the incident took place on April 11, it was not reported to the general public straight away.

Now, the cybercriminals behind the attack have announced the publication on the darknet of the data of 13 million Phone House customers.

According to Phone House, the network did not pay the ransomware, following the recommendations of the Spanish cybersecurity company Hispasec, which believes that paying the ransom will only contribute to the growth of similar attacks in the future.

The published data of Phone House customers was stolen from its servers in a cyber attack. This includes full names, dates of birth, email addresses, contact phone numbers, home addresses, nationality, bank details, passport details, and the IMEI of mobile devices purchased by customers.

“The information was partially downloaded and the leak will not affect all data processed by Phone House, but there is a possibility that some of your data has been compromised”. 

“From the outset, our internal teams, together with a leading national company, in accordance with the world’s best cybersecurity practices, activated an appropriate action plan and took decisive measures to limit the scale of the cyberattack,” Phone House said.


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