Poland says top officials hacked by Russian cyber-attack

Poland says top officials hacked by Russian cyber-attack

The head of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said that the recent cyberattack on the country was carried out from the territory of Russia.

According to the Polish Deputy Prime Minister, the analysis of the republic’s special services and its allies “makes it possible to unequivocally assert that the cyberattack was carried out from the territory of the Russian Federation,” the PAP agency reports. Kaczynski believes that the aim of the cyberattacks was “a blow to society and the destabilization of the situation” in the country.

We are talking about a large-scale cyberattack, which Poland faced on Tuesday, June 15, the day before the summit of the presidents of Russia and the United States in Geneva. On this occasion, a closed session of the Polish parliament was even called. One of the victims of the cyberattack was the head of the office of the Prime Minister of Poland. The hackers gained access to his e-mail, as well as to his wife’s mail and their social media accounts.

“The Russians did not test our security measures but tested possible responses to such attacks. Unfortunately, these reactions were clearly helpful to them. Both the majority of journalists and the opposition took it either with a shrug or with a laugh, completely ignoring the fact that the media group is constantly being attacked by the Russian services, which is simply aggression against another country, even if this group is private, ”said Sakevich.

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