REvil ransomware attacked Japan’s leading construction firm

REvil ransomware attacked Japan’s leading construction firm

One of Japan’s largest construction companies, the Kajima Construction Corporation, is allegedly the latest victim of the REvil extortionist group.

The group has stolen a total of 1,300,000 files belonging to the company, including confidential contracts and blueprints, according to a post on the REvil darknet website. As evidence, the ransomware posted a series of screenshots of documents allegedly stolen from the company.

Kajima Corporation is engaged in the construction of high-rise buildings, railways, power plants, dams and bridges. The company has offices around the world, and its client list includes Disney, Universal, Pfizer, Marriott, and more.

The REvil group also warned that it “is negotiating the sale of confidential drawings and terabytes of personal data with major brands,” and offered Kajima to buy the data by May 1 of this year. The ransom amount is not indicated on the website.


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