Sony has filed a patent application to develop AI to recognize deepfakes

Sony has filed a patent application to develop artificial intelligence that detects deepfake videos. 

According to the resource Game Rant, in the patent application, the deepfake technology is described as “interesting and entertaining, but potentially ominous.”

The patent document mentions “computing devices, including game consoles such as the Sony PlayStation” or “third party virtual reality headsets.” It is also explained that the fake image may be a “floating frame (I-frame) in video broadcasts”.

Let us remind you that recently deepfakes and other “artificially created” media content are becoming more common on the Web.

The co-founder of Pinscreen, a company that uses artificial intelligence to create digital avatars, said the number of deepfakes on the Web is doubling every six months.

As deepfakes proliferate on the Web, Lee suggests, it will soon become much more difficult to separate fact from fiction.


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