The infamous ransomware group REvil claims to have stolen product details from Apple supplier

The REvil ransomware group has hit again and this time is it Apple.

On Tuesday, REvil had publicly stated that they had hacked Quanta Computer, a third party supplier based in Taiwan and the biggest laptop manufacturer in the world and is linked to many giant tech companies that include Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Blackberry and Apple.

The cybercriminals have alleged that they have stolen schematics for some of Apple’s latest products and are now putting the squeeze on the tech giant and threatening to start publishing these documents online.

A cybersecurity industry inside source has sent IT World Canada a screenshot of the website of the well-known REvil group, which is urging Apple to now buy back the data by May 1.

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At this moment, no price for the data has been posted and Apple has yet to respond to comments.

REvil had posted 21 screenshots as proof showing Macbook blueprints and has threatened to publish data every day until Mat 1st, or up until Apple decides to pay the ransom demand.

If this threat is true, then this threat is just one of many ransomware groups that are putting pressure on the customers of victims to get payment for ransomware decryption keys and stop stolen data from being seen publicly, or sold to other criminals.

The ransomware demand is timed just right to coincide with Tuesday’s much-anticipated Spring Loaded product launch. A message on REvil’s leak site reads:

“In order not to wait for the upcoming Apple presentations, today we, the REvil group, will provide data on the upcoming releases of the company so beloved by many.Tim Cook can say thank you Quanta.From our side, a lot of time has been devoted to solving this problem. Quanta has made it clear to us that it does not care about the data of its customers and employees, thereby allowing the publication and sale of all data we have.”

REvil has also stated that they are “negotiating the sale of large quantities of confidential drawings and gigabytes of personal data with several major brands,” so this will mean that Apple might not be alone in the hack.

In an email, Brett Callow, British Columbia-based threat researcher for Emsisoft, said that because REvil is a criminal group, it would be a mistake to believe its claims. After all, they could be lying.

There are some that have stated that it is difficult to determine whether the blueprints that REvil have are actually that important as the designs that are visible on the site just looks like basic blueprints for a Macbook. In any case, the documents are authentic and signed by an Apple employee, so there has to be something important

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