WhatsApp will not delete the accounts of those users who do not agree with the updates before May 15

Those who do not accept the new rules will receive regular notifications asking them to agree to the new terms. After a few weeks, users will see a permanent reminder that cannot be removed. From then on, WhatsApp will switch to reduced functionality mode.

In this mode, users will not be able to access their chat list. If you receive a message, you can read it and also reply to it. You can also receive any incoming audio and video calls. After a few more weeks, the user will stop receiving all calls and messages.

WhatsApp offers users two options – to agree to the terms of service or to export their own history and delete their account, and in the latter case, this process is irreversible. In this case, WhatsApp will completely delete the backups and all the user’s message history, and he will also be excluded from all groups in which he previously belonged.

WhatsApp announced the introduction of new rules in January this year. Initially, it was supposed to apply the new rules for using the messenger on February 8, but due to the wide public outcry, WhatsApp management postponed the introduction of the new data privacy policy to May 15.

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