95% of US users have given up on app tracking

95% of US users have given up on app tracking

Flurry’s fortnightly statistics show that iPhone and iPad users are actively denying surveillance to virtually all third-party apps.

The study says that only 11% of iPhone users worldwide have allowed apps to track their data. In the United States, this percentage is absolutely negligible – 4%.

Flurry Analytics data shows that users opt-out of tracking more often than polls conducted prior to iOS 14.5 predicted. One such survey found that just under 40%, rather than 4%, would agree to track when asked to do so.

Not everyone liked the new requirements. Previously, Facebook and Instagram developers used scare tactics, hinting at the possible loss of free access to social networks if users do not give permission to collect data.

Previously, Facebook made the largest data breach in the history of more than 533 million users of the social network.

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