50 percent fewer Google accounts hacked with two-step verification

After Google-enabled two-step verification on 150 million Google accounts, the number of hacks on such accounts decreased by 50 per cent. This will be announced by Google in an update on Google account security.

Default function

In May 2021, Google decided to make two-step verification the norm by automatically turning it on for 150 million accounts. Anyone with a Google account linked to their phone number now automatically got the extra layer of password protection. In total, this was 150 million Google accounts and 2 million YouTube users.

Effectively, this means that people will now be sent a text message with a unique code when they try to log in. Because the code is required to log in and sent to the account holder’s phone, there is less chance that a hacker will be able to intervene.

Two-step verification

Two-step verification is an extra layer of security for your online account. A password alone is vulnerable and can sometimes be easy to hack. But a second step can make it so difficult for hackers to drop out.

With two-step verification, in addition to the password, there must be another way to check whether you really are who you say you are. This is often a code that is sent via SMS or e-mail. But this can be done in different ways.

Accounts with many valuable private information have long been protected in this way. So you should always identify two ways if you want to log in with your DigiD with a government agency.

Data is worth money and cybercrime such as phishing are very profitable for hackers, so more and more other services are also switching to this stronger form of account security.

Secure account

If you also want to secure your Google account with two-step verification, you can do that very easily. In your Google account, go to ‘Security’. There you will see under ‘Sign in to Google’, ‘2-step verification. Here you can turn your two-step verification on and off.

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