9 years in prison for American who stole nude photos from hacked iCloud accounts

The 41-year-old American man Hao Kuo Chi has been jailed for 9 years for stealing nude photos and videos. He stole more than 3.5 TB of erotic material from more than 500 victims. Last October, the man admitted that he was responsible for the theft.

That writes the US Department of Justice in a press release.

Personal collection consisted of 3.5 TB of nude photos

According to the ministry, Hao Kuo Chi was active on Anon-IB for years. That was an infamous website where nude photos and videos of unsuspecting victims were shared and traded. The purpose of the site was not so much to satisfy the erotic appetites of the visitors, but to use the image and video material to intimidate and embarrass victims. If this happens without the permission of the person in the picture, we speak of revenge porn.

The perpetrator, who used the pseudonym ‘icloudripper4you’ on the internet, managed to obtain the login details of his victims through phishing. His e-mail account contained the login details of about 4,700 victims. He saved more than 3.5 TB of erotically tinted footage of more than 500 victims on his computer for his personal collection. He sent nude photos and videos to other users of the platform more than 300 times.

Victims fear for their safety and reputation

“Chi has victimized hundreds of women across the country, making them fear for their safety and reputation,” prosecutors Roger Handberg said in a statement. His colleague at the FBI says the suspect led “a terror campaign from his computer” and caused much fear and suffering among his victims. “The FBI is committed to protecting the American people by exposing and bringing these cybercriminals to justice,” said FBI Agent David Walker.

Chi has never denied his actions. In October 2021, he admitted that he had stolen nude photos and videos from hundreds of victims between 2014 and 2018. He now has to go to jail for that. The court has convicted him of conspiracy and computer fraud. He now has to go to prison for 9 years.

Revenge porn in the Netherlands

Revenge porn has been illegal in the Netherlands since 2020. Until then, a person could only be convicted of blackmail, slander or libel. Women in particular are victims of revenge porn. They blame themselves for letting it get to this point and are ashamed of it.

Talking about it often proves difficult. Victims often suffer the consequences of revenge porn for years to come. In addition to emotional damage, it can also lead to reputational damage and cyberstalking.

Want to learn more about what revenge porn is, how to prevent it, and what to do if you become a victim of it? Then read our background article ‘Revenge porn: what is it and how do you prevent it?’

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