A glitch in the FBI’s software allows outsiders to access investigations

A glitch in the FBI’s software allows outsiders to access investigations

A glitch in Palantir software used by the US FBI has allowed unauthorized personnel to gain access to confidential investigations for more than a year. According to The New York Post, the problem is referred to in a letter to the federal court from the Manhattan attorney’s office in the case of hacker Virgil Griffith. Palantir denies any fault and claims that the failure was due to misuse of the program by FBI experts.

Griffith was arrested in 2019 on charges of providing the DPRK with information on how cryptocurrency and blockchain can help the country bypass US sanctions. The charge was based on data obtained from the hacker’s social media profiles using a court order in March 2020. According to a letter from prosecutors, information from Twitter and Facebook was uploaded to Palantir software with default settings, so unauthorized FBI employees had access to it.

Between May 2020 and August 2021, the material was accessed four times by three analysts and one agent. According to the letter, an FBI agent attached to the Griffith case learned of the problem from a colleague earlier this month. The FBI officers who gained access to the information told the prosecutor’s office that they did not remember using it in their investigations.

“In a separate investigation, an FBI analyst identified links between the defendant and the subject of this other investigation through searches on a Platform that used return search warrants,” the letter said.

Palantir says there was no software glitch, and the “client” simply did not follow “strict protocols in place to protect returned orders.”

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