Americans identify REvil ransomware gang leaders

One of the leaders behind the REvil ransomware gang was arrested in Poland in early October and has now been charged by US authorities along with another Revil fugitive. In addition, $6 million in ransom was recovered. In addition, the US is also imposing sanctions on crypto exchanges that helped the gang members launder money.

22-year-old Ukrainian Yaroslav Vasinskyi and Russian Yevgeniy Polyanin have been identified and charged for their involvement in the activities of the REvil ransomware gang. The young Yaroslav Vasinskyi operated online under the alias Rabotnik. He is seen as one of the leaders behind the serious supply chain attack on IT administrator Kaseya. While the Russian Polyanin is still on the run, Rabotnik was arrested in Poland at the beginning of October. The US has already asked Poland for his extradition.

175,000 ransomware infections

In the same operation, US authorities also seized more than $6 million worth of cryptocurrencies. This money consists of ransom paid from various victims of the group. The fugitive Russian Polyanin has been linked to more than 3,000 cyber-attacks and is suspected of taking more than 13 million in ransom.

This is just a drop in the ocean, as the gang is estimated to have duped victims over $200 million in ransom. They did this by infecting more than 175,000 computers in recent years.

In recent months, various authorities around the world have been targeting ransomware gangs. This has already led to multiple arrests, extraditions and sanctions against the services that help these gangs. The US government also announced sanctions against the virtual crypto exchange Chatex and the companies Hightrade Finance and IZIBITS OU. These companies are said to facilitate ransom money laundering by ransomware gangs.

These global actions against ransomware criminals do not mean that ransomware will soon disappear from the scene, but should make it clear to the criminals that they can no longer believe themselves intangible.

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