Anonymous hackers accused the Peruvian government of electoral fraud

The hackers of the Anonymous group accused the Peruvian authorities, in particular the interim president of the country Francisco Sagasti and the National Jury for Elections (JNE), of bias during the presidential elections and threatened the head of JNE Jorge Salas Arenas with the publication of incriminating evidence if he did not resign.

The National Election Jury is a constitutionally autonomous body whose activities are aimed at administering justice in matters related to elections, RIA Novosti reports.

“In our quest for the truth, we found a lot of evidence of fraud, as well as negotiations conducted by mediators, especially with Jorge Salas Arenas, judges and other people connected with politics. That is why we give the head of the National Jury for elections 48 hours to resign.” – said in a video message that the hackers posted on Twitter.

If Arenas fails to do so, Anonymous threatens to release audios, documents and foreign bank account statements that “demonstrate his guilt and lack of neutrality.”
Last week, Anonymous hackers accused billionaire Elon Musk of overly influencing the Bitcoin exchange rate and neglecting the investments of ordinary people. Anonymous published their appeal to the entrepreneur on the Internet.

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