Apetito target of ‘targeted cyber attack’

Meal delivery service Apetito was hit by a cyber attack last weekend. As a result, the company has hardly any access to its IT systems. The meal delivery company says it is doing its best to deliver customer orders.

Apetito reports this in a press release.

Unclear whether personal data has been stolen

In its own words, it is a “targeted cyber attack”. This took place on Saturday 25 June. “Our servers were attacked as a result of which we currently have little or no access to our IT systems. This has severely hampered our ability to operate,” the meal deliverer said in a statement.

Company IT staff and outside security specialists do their utmost to get critical systems up and running again as quickly as possible. Apetito expects “significant disruptions” in the near future while the consequences of the cyber attack are reversed. The meal delivery service cannot estimate how long this will take. “We are working intensively on alternative deliveries to ensure the care of our customers,” the company said.

Apetito is a meal delivery service based in Germany. The company says it has filed a report with the local police, including the Cologne Cybercrime Agency (ZAC NRW). The incident has also been reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Apetito cannot say at the moment whether personal data was stolen in the digital attack. That’s up to the cybersecurity experts to find out.

Foodora previously targeted by hackers

It’s not the first time a meal delivery service has been targeted by hackers. In June 2020, Foodora announced that it had been affected by a major data breach. The attackers obtained the names, addresses, phone numbers and passwords of 727,000 rum customers in 14 countries. From an analysis by Scattered Secrets, the personal data of more than 50,000 Dutch customers ended up on the street.

The hack reportedly took place in 2019. The database with the stolen data has been offered on various hacker forums since May 19. The oldest data is from August 2015, the most recent data dates back to April 2016. Security experts warned that the data could be used for phishing, identity theft and other forms of online fraud.

Foodora was active in our country until 2018. Then parent company Delivery Hero decided to pull the plug from the service because there was no buyer for the Dutch branch.

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