Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google Oppose US Antitrust Bills

Large tech companies have opposed a series of antitrust bills proposed by the US House of Representatives earlier this month to limit the power of tech companies.

Discussion of the package of six documents in the government began on the evening of Wednesday, June 23, and by that time the tech giants whom he may touch had managed to release their statements on this matter.

It would be superfluous to say that they opposed the adoption of the proposed bills.

If passed, the laws will become the most significant changes in antitrust laws in recent decades. They can also have serious implications for tech giants, including forced changes in the way they do business, demanding changes in how their products work, and even splitting companies.

One law, for example, prohibits technology companies from making acquisitions aimed at overwhelming competitors or expanding market influence. Another law prohibits collecting data from developers and other firms using their platforms. The third law obliges companies to allow users to easily switch from one technology company’s products to another.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google have issued press releases explaining the risks of the aforementioned laws. In a multi-page statement to the US Congress, Apple, which has tightly controlled the App Store since its launch in 2008, opposed a provision in a bill requiring the company to open its app store to third-party developers.

“Today our phones are not just phones, they store some of our most confidential information about our personal and professional lives. Allowing downloads of third-party applications will compromise the security of the iOS platform and expose users to serious security risks not only in third-party app stores but also in the App Store, ”Apple said in a statement.

We will remind, earlier the head of Apple Tim Cook also opposed the EU bill on the regulation of digital markets, aimed at reducing the power of technology companies. According to him, the passage of the law will undermine the security of the iPhone.

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