ArtStation Artists Attacked by Cyber ​​Fraudsters

Cybercriminals are attacking freelance artists on the ArtStation platform (part of the American game publisher Epic Games), according to the Kaspersky Lab blog.

ArtStation is a resource where artists publish their portfolios. On the site, you can find any genre: game art, anime, comics, media and film production. It is customary among site users to receive personal e-mails from customers who have familiarized themselves with the work and found that the contractor is suitable for their project.

Since last year, ArtStation freelancers have been targeted by highly professional cybercriminals posing as representatives of major game developers – 2K, Big Fish, Bluepoint, Riot Games and others.

A US concept artist registered with ArtStation received interviews from 2K, publisher of games such as BioShock, Mafia, Sid Meier’s Civilization, NBA 2K and Borderlands. He was offered a position in the state with a good salary and the ability to work remotely. The letter was well written and included many details that usually point to a professional HR specialist.

According to the artist, the letter came from a legitimate address, @, and did not look like spam. Between the terms of work and the links to the LinkedIn profiles, the “employer” said that Telegram must be installed in order to pass the interview. The artist downloaded the messenger and then contacted the recruiter. After a long and detailed interview in a closed chat on Telegram, the victim is informed that the competition has been passed, but the company has hardware requirements: to work, you need to purchase a MacBook Pro with certain characteristics and a set of programs.

The purpose of the scheme is to force the applicant to pay the scammers more than $ 3,500, allegedly for equipment for the job. The scheme turned out to be quite widespread, all the companies mentioned reacted to it, and ArtStation representatives prepared a detailed review of this scam, notes Kaspersky Lab.

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