Baza: Covid certificates are sold on the darknet and entered into the state database

At the end of May, the telegram channel Information Leaks wrote that advertisements for the sale of certificates of vaccination against coronavirus appeared on the shadow forums.

Baza has conducted its own investigation :

Baza learned that in the chat rooms for the sale of illegal services, you can buy a certificate of injection of the vaccine against the coronavirus. And this is not just a “linden”, but a real document “with wiring” – that is, with the entry of information about vaccination in the federal register of vaccinated. This is done quickly, and most importantly – without injections at all.

In Telegram channels that specialize in the provision of illegal services, certificates confirming vaccination against coronavirus have appeared on sale. Depending on the price, sellers are ready to provide both a paper version of a document with all seals and an electronic one, which appears in the personal account on the “Gosuslugi” portal.

Accordingly, the vaccinated quite officially appears in the federal register of vaccinated. Employees of the health care system have access to this register. As the investigation of the Baza correspondent has shown, most likely unscrupulous doctors are involved in the criminal scheme. To make everything look legal from the outside, they dispose of vaccine vials that have not actually been given to anyone.

A physical certificate with the necessary seals can also be obtained for fake vaccination. In the case of Baza’s correspondent, the document was sent even before the second vaccination – the seller offered to fill out the certificate on his own.

Judging by the information from the website “Gosuslug”, the journalist was vaccinated at the Saratov polyclinic, despite the fact that he had never been in this city, the newspaper notes.

The coronavirus infection (COVID-19) pandemic has killed more than three million people, but researchers from Oxford and Cambridge universities say there are more dangerous threats to humanity. As reported in the expert report, the fight against disease, the release of hazardous pathogens from laboratories and misuse of artificial intelligence can be much more dangerous than COVID.

Earlier, the BBC reported that more than 1,000 ads for the COVID-19 vaccine, fake negative coronavirus tests and vaccination certificates have appeared on the darknet since January. In particular, on the “black market” they offered to buy vaccines of the Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca, the Russian “Sputnik V” and the drug of the American Johnson & Johnson and the Chinese Sinopharm. Then the journalists did not find confirmation of the authenticity of the vaccines offered on the darknet.

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