Belgian ministries attacked by Chinese hackers

The Belgian Ministries of the Interior and Defense have recently been attacked by several Chinese hacker groups. The departments condemn the attacks and call on China to work for a “stable and secure cyberspace”. Belgium says it will strengthen cooperation with European and international partners.

That is what the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Hadja Lahbib says in a press statement.

Belgium strives for ‘responsible behavior in cyberspace’

She attributes the cyber attacks to the hacker groups APT27, APT30, and APT31. Furthermore, digital attacks on the Ministry of Defense have been observed. These are performed by UNSC 2814, Gallium, and Softcell. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the cyber attacks on the Ministry of the Interior are intended to shake Belgium’s defense capacity.

Belgium condemns malicious cyber activities. “We continue to urge the Chinese authorities to abide by the standards of responsible conduct and not to allow their territory to be used for malicious cyber activities, and to take all appropriate measures and reasonably available and feasible steps to remedy the situation. to detect, investigate and deal with,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs wrote in a statement.

Minister calls for more international cooperation in the fight against hackers

She went on to write: “Belgium reaffirms its strong commitment to responsible state behavior to ensure a global, open, free, stable and secure cyberspace. To that end, we will continue to build a UN-supervised program of action to advance and effectively support states in adhering to responsible state behavior in cyberspace.”

Minister Lahbib promises to focus more on cooperation with European and international partners in the fight against hackers. Emphasis should be placed on exchanging information and maintaining diplomatic contacts. Furthermore, digital resilience and incident handling must be given higher priority.

Finally, the Belgian government wants to use the collaboration to improve the overall security of software and the cybersecurity of the supply chain.

Chinese embassy angry over ‘unfounded allegations’

The Chinese embassy in Belgium is alarmed at the statement by the Belgian government. She finds it “completely irresponsible” that Belgium makes a statement without providing any evidence that Chinese hackers are responsible for the cyber attacks. The only thing Belgium achieves with this is that it deliberately blackens China.

“Given the virtual nature of cyberspace, the difficulty in tracing the source and the diversity of the actors, it is necessary to have complete and sufficient evidence when investigating and qualifying cyber incidents,” said the Chinese ambassador.

He continues his story: “The practice of unfounded accusations against other countries and the politicization and stigmatization of cyber security issues without any basis will not help to strengthen cyber security, but will weaken mutual trust between countries and their normal cooperation on effect this area.”

Furthermore, the ambassador emphasizes that China is candid and transparent about cybersecurity and that it has proven to do everything it can to thwart malicious hackers. He says his country is willing to work with anyone to ensure the security of cyberspace. But this should be done on the basis of mutual respect, equality and benefit.

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