Beware Pirate Gamers: This Malware Targets You

Beware Pirate Gamers: This Malware Targets You

Bitdfender has discovered a new family of malware called MosaicLoader. Attackers encourage users to download malware through paid advertisements for pirated software in Google search results.

MosaicLoader is delivered via downloaders, which victims allegedly find when searching for pirated software such as games and other applications. Malware creators often target people downloading compromised software, but what is interesting about MosaicLoader is how difficult it is to evade detection.

MosaicLoader got its name from its complex internal structure aimed at deceiving information security specialists and preventing reverse engineering. The malware creates local Windows Defender exceptions for specific file names in an attempt to prevent antivirus software from taking any action if any changes are made to these files.

MosaicLoader also simulates file information from legitimate software. He tries to hide his code by creating smaller pieces of code and mixing up the execution order. The malware has “classic anti-debugging techniques” such as preventing the debug program from executing its work.

Once installed on the system, MosaicLoader can cause any damage, including stealing cookies to intercept control over user accounts. According to experts, malware is capable of loading any payload onto computer systems. MosaicLoader provides hackers with the ability to install cryptocurrency miners that run in the background will drain the system’s resources. The malware allows you to install backdoors.

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