Biden budget to seek boost to the military’s cyber force

President Joe Biden’s upcoming budget request will include a proposal to increase the combat strength of US Cyber ​​Command over the next two years.

According to Politico sources, Biden intends to increase by 10% (600 people) the Cyber ​​Mission Force, which has approximately 6,200 personnel from various military units, divided into 133 teams.

If approved by the U.S. Congress, the initiative will mark the first Cyber ​​Mission Force expansion since its inception in 2012. The adoption of the budget is scheduled for May 28, and until then the Ministry of Justice has refrained from commenting.

The Cyber ​​Mission Force is a division of the US Cyber ​​Command responsible for the command, synchronization and coordination of cyberspace operations in order to protect the interests of the country. The Cyber ​​Mission Force consists of three types of teams responsible for protecting national computer networks and supporting military commanders around the world.

There have been almost no changes to the structure of the cyber missions since its inception, although the United States has been subject to multiple serious cyber attacks over the past decade.

Cyber ​​Command Chief Paul Nakasone has been working on the expansion request for some time now, as the cyber threat to the US and the command’s mission has skyrocketed over the past decade, sources said. Speaking to the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Armed Forces earlier this month, Nakasone said a number of factors will influence the growth of the military, including space operations, malicious digital operations by Russia, China and Iran, and the fact that the United States is in trouble. position in the “period of strategic competition.”

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