Bilaxy crypto exchange hacked by hackers

Bilaxy crypto exchange hacked by hackers

Hackers hacked into the system of the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Bilaxy and gained access to accounts.

A platform for trading digital assets Bilaxu, based on Seychelles, communicated about hacking some of its wallets.

And although the exact amount of loss is not disclosed, according to some estimates, it can be about $ 450 million in various cryptocurrencies.

Some addresses that have been compromised by the hack have lost their balances. In particular, HogeFinance reported that all HOGE tokens stored on Bilax have already been sent to another wallet. They are valued at just under $ 22 million.

Exchange representatives are asking users not to send funds to Bilaxy accounts until the bug fixes are completed. The team promised to keep users informed about all the changes in their telegram channel.

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