Blogger accused of leaking personal data of COVID-19 patients

Blogger accused of leaking personal data of COVID-19 patients

An Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against IT specialist Pavel Sitnikov on suspicion of leakage of data from COVID-19 patients in Moscow.

According to the publication Readovka, Pavel Sitnikov, whose telegram channel published a file with personal data of 300 thousand Moscow residents who had recovered from COVID-19, was charged under article 273, part 2 – Creation, use and distribution of malicious computer programs. In this case, the blogger faces up to five years in prison.

According to the investigation, Sitnikov created a malicious program with the help of which he stole information from the Moscow Department of Information Technologies. At the same time, earlier the head of the department, Eduard Lysenko, admitted that the data leak was the fault of his employees.

Investigators seized all the equipment from Pavel’s apartment, he himself was placed under house arrest, but his real connection with the leak is more than doubtful. The Investigative Committee announced an alleged examination by Kaspersky Lab, which found the Anubis malware on Sitnikov’s gadgets.

Sitnikov and his relatives consider the case to be fabricated. Probably, they want to make him “extreme” in history, so as not to bring charges against the officials of the mayor’s office and relieve them of responsibility for negligence

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