Boris Johnson’s phone ‘seized by MI5’ over security risk fears

The British counterintelligence agency MI5 has confiscated the mobile devices of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in connection with concerns that have arisen after discovering the availability of his number on the Internet over the past 15 years.

In April of this year, the media reported that Boris Johnson’s personal mobile phone number has been freely available on the Internet for the past 15 years. The issue was published in a press release from the think tank in 2006 but has never been removed.

British lawyer and politician Keir Starmer has raised concerns about the situation, but Chancellor Rishi Sunak has pledged that “all security protocols” are being followed.

After the news broke, the number was cut off and intelligence seized the prime minister’s phone for fear of a cyber attack from foreign cybercriminals.

MI5 was not bothered by further calls to Johnson’s number from pole dancer Jennifer Arcuri or other people with whom the Prime Minister may have had an intimate relationship. But there were definitely concerns about a possible hacker attack from hostile or even friendly states, ”the DailyMail reported.

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