Car rental company Sixt manages to contain cyber attack

Sixt was the target of a cyber attack in late April. IT employees of the German car rental company discovered the attack in time and managed to contain it at an early stage. The company is taking the incident seriously and is investigating how it could have happened.

Sixt reports this in a press statement.

Sixt conducts ‘thorough investigation’ into cyber attack

It’s Friday, April 29, when Sixt SE IT security discovers “IT irregularities” on its systems. The car rental company does not know exactly what kind of disturbances are involved. Security officers do not hesitate and immediately take countermeasures, as prescribed by the company’s security protocols.

It soon becomes apparent that it is a cyber attack. As a precautionary measure, access to the IT systems was immediately restricted. At the same time, Sixt initiated recovery processes. Many central systems, such as the website and apps, were kept online. The company did this consciously to minimize inconvenience to customers and to guarantee continuity of service. “In the short term, however, there are likely to be temporary disruptions, particularly in customer service centres and a limited number of branches,” Sixt warns.

Due to the rapid intervention of IT employees, the impact of the cyberattack has been limited. Despite the minor consequences, Sixt takes the matter very seriously. The car rental company says it is conducting a “thorough investigation” into the incident. Internal and external experts contribute to this.

Customer service unreachable

According to German media, the aftermath is more serious than the company says. For example, it is reportedly only possible to rent a car with pen and paper. The help desk is also not available by phone. Customers who called customer service received a recorded message. “We are currently unreachable due to technical problems. We can only answer questions via email. Please allow for some delay.”

A spokesperson for the rental company said the backup systems are running at full capacity to repair damage caused by the attack. She asks customers to understand the situation.

Sixt does not want to give more details about the cyber attack. At this point, we don’t know who was behind the attack, how they managed to infiltrate the corporate network, whether ransomware was installed on the systems, or whether the perpetrators made ransom demands or not. The company promises to provide more information as soon as more is known about the cyber attack.

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