China accuses TikTok and LinkedIn developers of illegal data collection

Developers of some popular apps will have to rethink their user data collection practices, at least in China. According to the South China Morning Post, the Chinese government has compiled a list of 105 applications that violate personal data protection laws by collecting and using information from their users.

Among others, the list included ByteDance for the Douyin app (an analogue of TikTok for the Chinese market), Microsoft for LinkedIn and Bing, Tencent for the Kugou music service, and the Baidu mobile browser. The Cyberspace Administration of China set aside 15 days for the “guilty” to eliminate violations.

These measures are the latest and most significant since new privacy rules came into force in China on May 1 this year, limiting the amount of data collection. The regulations developed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology oblige application developers to be responsible for collecting “excessive” data that is unnecessary to ensure the operation of the basic functions of applications, and forcing users to consent to their processing.

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