Chinese authorities intend to cleanse children’s cartoons of “unhealthy” content

Chinese authorities intend to cleanse children’s cartoons of “unhealthy” content

The Chinese television regulator has demanded that the creators of cartoons not allow violent scenes, as well as vulgar and pornographic content. As it became known to IA SM-News, the authorities intend to encourage studios that create “healthy” content.

Last Friday, September 24, the National Radio and Television Administration of China issued an appeal to the creators of the cartoons. In particular, the regulator recalled that the consumers of animated content are mainly children.

In this regard, the studios were encouraged to fill cartoons with “truth, goodness and beauty.” It is noted that the regulator promised to encourage the creators of “healthy” cartoons.

Over the past several months, a real “cultural revolution” has unfolded in China, a significant part of which is directed at the younger generation and the information space that surrounds it. So, for example, now in the country it is impossible to make stars from underage citizens. Persons under the age of 16 are prohibited from appearing on streams on the Internet.

Earlier, IA SM-News reported that 90-year-old William Shatner, who played in Star Trek, will go into space.

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