CIA hacked servers at Wuhan Institute of Virology

CIA hacked servers at Wuhan Institute of Virology

According to CNN, the United States gained access to the genetic data of 22,000 viruses contained in a laboratory in Wuhan.

A CNN source pointed out that US intelligence services could gain access to classified information through hacking into cloud servers. Laboratories doing this kind of research are usually connected to them.

Reportedly, it will take a long time to decrypt the data, despite the fact that a supercomputer is used for this. The process of analyzing the information received is also complicated by the fact that the accompanying notes are made in Chinese.

Finding translators for this task was not easy at all. The fact is that specialists must be excellent biologists, whose loyalty the US intelligence service will not question, and be able to translate complex texts in this area.

Washington has started a large-scale work in order to prove that it is Beijing that is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

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