Colonial Pipeline malware hack linked to DarkSide criminal group

The US continues to grapple with the aftermath of a massive ransomware cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline, the fuel operator on which supplies to the East Coast depend.

According to CNN , citing sources from the number of former employees of the US administration who worked in the field of cybersecurity.

According to journalists, hackers calling themselves DarkSide may be behind the attack. According to CNN, the group allegedly “comes from Russia.”

At the same time, Bloomberg agency notes that DarkSide may be associated with both Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe.

NBC News sources have also suggested that the hackers may have a connection with Russia. According to them, the attack was not undertaken by the country itself, but carried out by hackers as part of a “criminal scheme”.

Prior to this, Colonial Pipeline announced that a cyberattack had been carried out on it. In this regard, the company was forced to shut down some systems in order to contain threats that temporarily halted all operations.

In a cyberattack on May 7, Colonial Pipeline shut down some systems to “contain a threat that temporarily halted all operations.” Operator work has not yet been restored.

Earlier, the US authorities declared a regional emergency mode in connection with the suspension of the operation of the largest operator of the Colonial Pipeline.

This year, Darkside has already attacked the largest Brazilian energy company. As a result of cyber attacks, some of the operations of both companies were disrupted. In addition, they had to shut down some of their systems, at least temporarily.

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