Computers with vaccination data stolen in Brussels

On the night of Monday 20 to Tuesday 21 December, several computers were stolen from the Brussels vaccination Hub Pacheco. Data of vaccinated residents are stored on the computers. The police are searching for the perpetrators with all their might and say they are doing everything they can to ensure that the data does not leak out.

Various Belgian media write this, including DeMorgen and Het Nieuwsblad.

Since last February, Pacheco has been one of the larger testing, distribution and vaccination points in Belgium in the fight against the coronavirus. The location offers space for more than 600 pickers and other healthcare workers. Anyone who is 15 years or older, has received an invitation for vaccination from the government and lives in Brussels, can get vaccinated here.

The vaccination hub was targeted by burglars just before the holidays. On the night of December 20 to 21, they stole several computers. The computers contained data from residents of Brussels who had been vaccinated at Pacheco in recent months. It is unclear why the thieves targeted these computers.

‘Limits the risk of data ending up on the street’

Although there is no immediate danger, one is indeed careful. “It’s true that the computers were turned off. So it must already be someone who is going to hack the computers. The risk of data leaking out is limited,” Inge Neven, head of the Brussels health inspectorate, told various Belgian media.

In response, the Joint Community Commission (GGC) says it is doing everything it can to protect the privacy of citizens. “To prevent the personal data of citizens from leaking out, the GGC has taken swift action in collaboration with the police, its IT team and the data protection team.”

GGC available for questions

Furthermore, the government body writes: “As a government agency, the GGC closely monitors that privacy remains protected. Therefore, every effort was made to prevent anyone from making unauthorized use of the data accessible through the stolen computers.”

The agency is not providing more details at this time. People with questions about the theft can contact the GGC by e-mail.

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