Consulting giant Accenture downplayed LockBit ransomware attack

Fortune 500 consulting firm Accenture has been the victim of a LockBit ransomware attack. According to company representatives, the incident did not affect its operation, and the affected systems were restored from backups.

As reported by The Record, Accenture not only confirmed the attack in an email to its clients but also significantly downplayed its impact.

“Through our security measures and protocols, we have identified unusual activity in one of our environments. We stopped this process immediately and isolated the affected servers. We have completely restored our damaged systems from backups. The incident did not affect Accenture or our clients’ systems in any way, ”the company said in a letter.

Shortly before the letter was published, the countdown timer on the LockBit data breach site reached zero. LockBit operators then released the stolen Accenture files, including Accenture product brochures, employee training courses, and various marketing materials. The leaked files did not contain any confidential information.

It remains unknown how the LockBit group managed to gain access to the network of one of the world’s largest multinational corporations. Information security experts began to build various theories about the Accenture hack. According to experts from Cyble, the attackers allegedly gained access to databases larger than 6 TB and demanded a ransom in the amount of $ 50 million. According to the hackers, the attack was carried out with the help of an insider who allegedly still works at Accenture.

Information security experts from Hudson Rock reported that the ransomware encrypted 2,500 computers of the company’s employees and partners. This is what the compromised computers of employees in Cavalier look like:

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