Cyber ​​ransomware group DarkSide announced the termination of its activities

Cyber ​​ransomware group DarkSide announced the termination of its activities

According to two information security companies at once, FireEye and Intel 471, the DarkSide cybercriminal group, which is behind the sensational attack on the American fuel giant Colonial Pipeline, announced to its partners that it would cease its activities.

The DarkSide website has been unavailable since Thursday 13 May.

As reported before, the group lost access to its infrastructure – its servers were turned off, and all topics related to it were removed from the hacker forums. At the time, it was reported that DarkSide had introduced new restrictions on further criminal activities. In particular, attacks on the social sector (health care, educational institutions) and government organizations of any country were prohibited. However, it looks like the group has now decided to leave the cyber ransomware business.

It is also possible that the announcement of the termination of activities was made only to divert eyes. Cybercriminal groups often come back under different names after statements about leaving the business.

In turn, the Colonial Pipeline company announced a complete recovery of its operations after the cyberattack. Despite this, several southeastern states still suffer from gasoline shortages.

You can learn more about the activities of DarkSide here


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